Objective - Department of Pharmacy





  • Preparing skilled graduates to meet the health care needs of individuals and community.
  • Serving Pharmaceutical sectors nationally and internationally through providing well – qualified and trained professionals.
  • Fostering high quality research in clinical, basic medical and Pharmaceutical sciences.
  • Developing and conducting research to improve the safety and efficiency of medication.
  • Initiating and supporting interdisciplinary collaborative research.
  • Developing efficient manpower for maintaining hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical industries, community pharmacy services, drug administration and other organizations in drug research, marketing, sales and administration.



Programme Name

Undergraduate: Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm.)

Postgraduate: Masters of Pharmacy (M. Pharm)


Establishment History

The Department of Pharmacy started its journey of 5-years B. Pharm. programme in 2013 with three faculty members. Firstly, 35 students were admitted in February, 2014. The following year student number increased to 40. Now, the department has five batches and five faculty members. 


Learning Outcomes

After completion of B. Pharm. programme, the graduate will be skillful to


  • Be a valuable manpower in any pharmaceutical industry during manufacturing, quality controlling, conducting research and developing new drugs or formulation nationally and abroad.
  • Moreover, the graduate will be able to serve other healthcare systems viz in hospital and community pharmacy.
  • Achieve opportunity to get admission into any reputed university of the world for higher study. 
  • Conduct any research relating to drug discovery and development.
  • Involve successfully in a government jobs including BCS.
  • Serve in hospice setting for palliative care.
  • Develop, integrate and apply knowledge to solve therapeutic problems.
  • Actively participate as a healthcare team member to meet patient care needs.
  • Engage in innovative activities for accomplishing professional goals.