Message from Chairman - Department of Pharmacy


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Dr. Pradip Debnath

Associate Professor

Our course curriculum is designed in such a way that after graduation students will be able to provide best services to society through quality drug manufacturing and by providing patient care through the safe and effective use of medicines either in hospital or community pharmacy as well as in emergent drug innovation research. An optimum balance between theory and practical knowledge is maintained in the overall structure of the curriculum. Currently, the department has 13 efficient and qualified faculty members who supervising students along with the academic activities. We have laboratory facilities for advanced research in Natural Product Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, and Pharmaceutical Technology. Also, the development of more laboratories is progressing.

After graduation from the Department of Pharmacy, a graduate can contribute to any challenging research collaboration by participating with the research groups at home and the world-wide renowned institutes or universities. Alumni of this department are currently working in several pharmaceutical industries in Bangladesh. The faculty members, staffs, and students of the department are working hard collaborate to bring this achievement successfully. The Department of Pharmacy, Comilla University is playing a significant role in creating a way of success that will make skillful human resources for the enrichment of the health care system and sustainable development of the country.