Mission & Vision - Department of English

Mission & Vision

Mission of the Department


M1: To inculcate in students curiosity and passion for English literature, language, cultural studies, and world literatures written in English so that they could attain deep knowledge and insight, prerequisite to creative and critical thinking
M2: To nurture students’ literary sensibility and develop human potentiality to its fullest through curricular and extra-/cocurricular activities, motivation and guidance
M3: To encourage the graduates to build career in teaching, research, authorship, entrepreneurship, translation, journalism, civil service, and non-government organisations 
M4: To motivate the graduates to work individually as well as collaboratively for sustainable national and global development through their acquired knowledge and future career
M5: To make the graduate culturally and politically nuanced citizens and cultivate in them human, moral, and ethical values so that they could contribute irrespective of race, religion, and culture

Vision of the Department


Department of English envisages producing highly qualified graduates to lead the ever-growing field of English studies and nurture humanity through insightful and compassionate thoughts and ideas.



Honesty, integrity, and tolerance to difference--in terms of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, and religious and political beliefs--in every stage of life

Rigorous and comprehensive study of language, culture, and literature

Cultivation of critical reading and reflection and production of excellent writing in various forms

Ways the study of language, literature, and culture to transform students’ understanding of local, national, and international communities