Message from Chairman - Department of English


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Prof. Dr. Banani Biswas


The Department of English, Comilla University, envisages producing highly qualified graduates to lead the ever-growing field of English studies and nurture humanity through insightful and compassionate thoughts and ideas. In this age of globalisation when different cultures are constantly getting politically, economically, and technologically interconnected, the department holds that in-depth understanding of English literatures and cultures worldwide and high level of proficiency in English language together mark one of the most significant areas of present studies. The interdisciplinary itinerary that blends language with literary and intercultural studies is the path that best expresses the spirit of the department. The students of this department will be informed with the most recent trends, ideas, contents and methods of English language and linguistics, world cultures and literatures in English, English education, academic, professional and creative writings as well as general education. To this end, the Department offers liberal and transdisciplinary, foundational and research oriented courses on English literature, language, cultures, and general education through well-structured Bachelor and Masters programmes. The students are encouraged to be culturally and politically nuanced, responsible citizens ready to contribute to humans, irrespective of race, gender, class, religion, and culture. The department maintains academic atmosphere to ensure interactive and innovative teaching-learning strategies, curricular and extra-/cocurricular activities, motivation and guidance to nurture students’ literary sensibility and develop human potentiality to its fullest. It is committed to continual development through research and scholarships.