Sharmin Rezowana

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Sharmin Rezowana

Assistant Professor

Comilla University
Cumilla-3506, Bangladesh

srezowana@hotmail.com, srezowana@cou.ac.bd


I have graduated from Janagirnagar University (BSS and MSS) under the department of Archaeology. Before joining at Comilla University, I have worked as a Deputy Director of Oitihya-Onneswan (2012-2019), a leading archaeological research -based organization, which conducts archaeological exploration and excavation in prominent historical sites in Bangladesh (Wari-Bateshwar, Munsigonj/Vikrampur etc) and takes initiative for heritage management & Public Archaeology. I have also worked as a research assistant in ICSBA (International Center for Study of Bengal Art) from 2004-2006. Besides, I regularly contribute at various national, online newspapers and blog about the art heritage of Bangladesh.

M.S.S. Jahangirnagar University Archaeology 2001
B.S.S. Jahangirnagar University Archaeology 2000

Grameenphone Ltd, Bangladesh
2007 - 2013

International Center For Study of Bengal Art, Bangladesh
Research Assistant
2005 - 2005

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  • Brahmanical, Buddhist and Jain Iconography, Art History, Prehistory of South Asia,