Dr. Mihir Lal Bhowmik

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Dr. Mihir Lal Bhowmik

Associate Professor

Comilla University
Cumilla-3506, Bangladesh

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Department of Chemistry, Jahangirnagar University Chemistry 2021
Master of Science (M. Sc.) Department of Chemistry, Jahangirnagar University Chemistry 2002
Bachelor of Science (B. Sc. Honors) Department of Chemistry, Jahangirnagar University Chemistry 2001
Higher Secondary Certificate (H. S. C) Comilla Board 1997

Comilla University, Bangladesh
Associate Professor
February 2021 - Present

Comilla University, Bangladesh
Assistant professor
March 2014 - February 2021

Comilla University, Bangladesh
November 2010 - March 2010

1. Mihir L. Bhowmika,b, Md. Abdullah Al Mamuna, Shishir Ghosha, Vladimir N. Nesterovc, Michael G. Richmondc,  Shariff E. Kabir a,∗ and Herbert W. Roesky d,∗. Polynuclear ruthenium clusters containing stibine, stibene, and stibinidene ligands, Journal of Organometallic Chemistry,  984 (2023) 122574.

1. Mihir L. Bhowmik1,2 * and Shariff E. Kabir2. Polynuclear ruthenium clusters containing Ph3Sb, Ph2Sb and PhSb ligands. (Abstract in International Conference of Physical Sciences-2022: P-50,51)

2. Mihir L. Bhowmik1,2* and Shariff E. Kabir2. Reactivity of dppf-bridged triruthenium cluster with triphenylantimony: C-Sb and Ru-Ru bond scission at [Ru3(CO)10(µ-dppf)]. ( Abstract in International Conference on Recent Advances in Chemistry: p-97,98)

3. Mihir L. Bhowmik1,2*, Shishir Ghosh2 and Shariff E. Kabir2. C-Sb and Ru-Ru bonds scission at ruthenium centers: Single crystal X-ray diffraction studies on tri- and hexaruthenium complexes. (Abstract in 5th Conference of Bangladesh Crystallography Association: p-49)

  • Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Organometallic Chemistry