Dr. Md. Kawchar Ahmed PATWARY

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Dr. Md. Kawchar Ahmed PATWARY

Associate Professor

Comilla University
Cumilla-3506, Bangladesh

(+880) 1717 336128

Dr. Kawchar PATWARY is a Medical Radiation Physics & Engineering experimentalist/academician, currently working at Comilla University, Bangladesh. He worked at the IGSES Watanabe-KIN laboratory of Kyushu University in Japan (under the Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Scholarship) and concentrated on the "Emergent Medical Radioisotope (RI) Production for Theranostics Nuclear Medicine Applications". Very recently he developed an exclusive and user-friendly PHITS-based computational framework for "Internal Dosimetry", which is precisely applicable for the patients' organ/tissue dose calculations. It can calculate a more accurate patient's internal dose than the other conventional dosimetry programs. Dr. Kawchar PATWARY’s creative interest in the future medical RI production using accelerator-based neutron/proton for diagnostic & therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals and investigate the appropriate techniques of radiation protection for patients and as well as the hospital staffs/carers who are under the concern of nuclear medicine. Now he is focusing on an advanced dosimetric framework with Artificial Neural Network (ANN) by applying AI.

Doctor Kyushu University Engineering 2020
Master of Science University of Chittagong Physics
B. Sc. (Honours) i Physics

Department of Physics, Comilla University,, Bangladesh
Assistant Professor
June 2017 - 2022

Kyushu University, Japan
Research Fellow
September 2017 - October 2020

Mitsubishi Electric
Graduate Research Assistant
November 2018 - December 2018

Department of Physics, Comilla University, Bangladesh
December 2014 - June 2017

Department of Natural Science (Physics), Port City International University, Bangladesh
January 2014 - December 2014

Department of Physics, Chittagong Cantonment Public College, Bangladesh
July 2013 - December 2013

Whole-Body Dosimetry Lab., Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratory (SSDL), Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission, Bangladesh
Graduate Research Student
January 2012 - March 2012

Measurement of double-differential thick-target neutron yields of the C(d,n) reaction at 12, 20, and 30 MeV Md. Kawchar Ahmed Patwary, Tadahiro Kin, Katsumi Aoki, Kosuke Yoshinami, Masaya Yamaguchi, Yukinobu Watanabe, Kazuaki Tsukada, Nozomi Sato, Masato Asai, Tetsuya K. Sato, Yuichi Hatsukawa and Shinsuke Nakayama, Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 2020. (doi.org/10.1080/00223131.2020.1819908)

Estimation of Patient Doses from Medical Radioisotope Cu-64 by Using PHITS Code with Voxel Phantom JM and JF The 119th Scientific Meeting of the Japan Society of Medical Physics (JSMP), JRC 2020 Web, May 15 – June 14, 2020, Japan.

  • Study and Development of Theranostic Radiopharmaceuticals Computational Radiation Dosimetry Internal Dosimetry in Nuclear Medicine Environmental Radiation and Health Physics