Abdul Ahad

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Abdul Ahad

Assistant Professor

Comilla University
Cumilla-3506, Bangladesh


Abdul Ahad is from the Sunamganj, Sylhet. He has been working as an assistant professor in the Department of Physics at Comilla University since April 2022. He was appointed as a lecturer in the Department of Physics, CoU in 2019. Before joining CoU he also worked as a lecturer in the Department of Textile Engineering of Uttara University, Bangladesh from 6 August 2018 to 9 December 2019. In CoU, Mr. Ahad taught Mechanics, Heat and thermodynamics, and Advanced Electronics and Telecommunication courses. Now he is on study leave and pursuing his P.hD study in the Department of Physics at Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan as a fellow of the ‘Tokyo Global Partner Scholarship Program’ provided by the Japan Metropolitan government.

B.Sc Comilla University Physics 2014
M.Sc Comilla University Physics 2015
M.Phil Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology Physics 2022

Department of Physics, Comilla University, Bangladesh
Assistant professor
April 2022 - Present

Comilla University, Bangladesh
December 2019 - April 2022

Uttara University, Bangladesh
August 2018 - December 2019

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  • Mr. Ahad's area of research interest includes ceramics materials, thin film technology, nano-materials, nanowires, and nanotubes for optoelectronic device applications.