Objective - Department of Physics



The objectives of the undergraduate and graduate programs offered by the Department of Physics are to

(i)            Provide the student with a broad spectrum of physics courses

(ii)          Emphasize the role of physics in life and other fields

(iii)         Provide the student with different practical, intellectual and transferable skills

(iv)         Improve the fundamental concepts and advanced techniques of physics and scientific methodology

(v)          Enhance intellectual, computational, experimental, communication and analytical skills of the students

(vi)         Provide the students with the currently modern techniques in physics

(vii)        Develop the capability of the faculty members in teaching, research and community services

(viii)      Encourage staff member to organize and prepare an annual plan for their activities

     (ix)         Offer a new and advance research programs

(x)         Seek external funding for departmental research projects, either from the university or the industry

(xi)         Enhance the collaboration with other universities and research centers




After successful completion of the program the students will be able to

(i)            Compete in the job market at home and abroad.

(ii)          Find a suitable job in various government and non-government sectors like universities, research organizations, IT sectors and banking sectors.

(iii)         Design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints.

(iv)         Function on multidisciplinary teams.

(v)          Identify, formulate, and solve scientific problems.

(vi)         Communicate effectively.

(vii)        Gather knowledge of contemporary issues.


(viii)      Use the techniques, skills, and modern scientific tools necessary for scientific and engineering practice.