Objective - Department of Chemistry


v  Program Objectives:

· PO1: To produce competent, creative and innovative graduates who are able to solve chemistry related problems within the national, global and sustainable development context.

·PO2: To produce graduates with good leadership qualities and communication skill who are able to engage in chemical science to do task both independently and via interdisciplinary teams.

·PO3: To produce graduates with professional and ethical attributes.

·PO4: To produce graduates who are engaged in continuous pursuit of knowledge through gaining education and research with professional development activities

v  Program Learning outcomes (PLOs):

The graduates from the chemistry department will be able to be

·PLO1Knowledgeable on Chemistry- Graduate will be physical, or inorganic, or organic or analytical or environmental chemist with both theoretical and practical knowledge. 

·PLO2Synthesizer-Graduate will be able to design a synthetic scheme for preparation of: new organic or inorganic compounds

· PLO3Analyzer-Graduate will be able to analyze to ascertain the types and amounts of chemical components in the sample

·PLO4Problem solver- Graduate will be able to solve problem related to chemistry by action or applied research following a research hypothesis.

· PLO5Complex problem solution designer-Graduate will be able to design a solution by computational chemistry, nano-chemistry green chemistry etc.  

· PLO6Comfortable with tools and aids- Graduate will be able to be familiar with all tools and techniques with state-of-art.

·PLO7Environmentally sustainable- Graduate will be able adopt policy to solve the environmental problem and to contribute to the society.

·PLO8Communicative- Graduate will be able to disseminate the idea or concept on philosophy of chemistry by both orally and written way.

·PLO9Individually and Team player with versatility- Graduate will be able become a capacity builder or academic leader. 


·PLO10Accountable and Ethical- Graduate is committed to be accountable, responsible and ethical.