Vision :

The Department of Economics envisions providing an appropriate teaching-learning and research environment to the students to enhance their critical thinking ability. In addition to developing as professional expertise, our students will be nourished with a sense of themselves as being a part of larger community. The department will be a center for cultivating moral and ethical values. Therefore, the visions of the Department is to

Produce graduates with exquisite values, manners and endowed with intellectually professional expertise.

Mission :

The Department of Economics, Comilla University offers a wide range of courses focusing multi-disciplinary and ICT-based courses besides core and advanced economics courses. It inculcates students with humane qualities to shape themselves as competent and resourceful citizens. We nurture them for combating challenges and help avail themselves of the opportunities to explore new dimensions of modern civilization. The Department provides an encouraging academic atmosphere to ensure interactive and innovative teaching-learning strategies. Therefore, mission of the department is to facilitate students

  • to strengthen students ability to analyze all forms of quantitative and qualitative economics;
  • to transmit critical theoretical knowledge in economics to applied economics practice.
  • to strengthen their analyzing ability and creative thinking;
  • to be equipped with communication skills in English language and ICT;
  • to pursue advanced research on Economics.